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A place to begin or to begin again. Break down key poses, standard breathing exercises, and foundational alignment within an accessible format for linking breath to movement. Appropriate for anyone who wants to concentrate on the fundamentals. No prior experience expected.


A step between levels, featuring aspects of both. This class offers the opportunity to move with increased fluidity and into more challenging modifications. Experience in Basics encouraged.


An invitation to investigate the details. Principles of clear alignment are applied to transitions into more complex and challenging asanas including arm balances, binds, and inversions.


Back to the breath. The practice of Shamatha involves taking a comfortable seat and watching the breath. In this class we’ll review the basic technique and then apply it to an extended sit. Time before and after will be devoted to discussion around resistance and obstacles to establishing a regular practice, and the challenges—physical, mental, emotional—as well as any insights, revelations, or discoveries that may arise while sitting.


Wading into the deep end. This class is appropriate for those comfortable at the Intermediate level who may be open to playing with more dynamic sequencing and optional modifications for added challenge.


Welcome to the jungle. Experienced practitioners can expect fluid sequencing, more challening postures and variations, and subtle instruction for a nuanced investigation of asana, pranayama, and meditation.

open hour

All the good stuff in fewer breaths. This is a 60-minute, open-level practice appropriate for those with experience in group classes.

yoga for seniors

Re-awaken the body. This is a practice designed to meet the needs of olderadults looking to gain strength, flexibility,and balance by working with breath and movement. Attention to alignment andmodifications to postures are applied withthe purpose of protecting bone, muscle, and joint health—particularly important for those who have experienced hip or knee replacement, arthritis, bone loss, and injury.


Do less. Deep, potent relaxation is fostered by utilizing props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, belts, etc) in full support of the body and its release of effort. Positions are held for several minutes at a time and include guided awareness of the breath.


Arise, abide, dissolve. This class will warm you up, get you moving, and then set you up for deep relaxation. Expect a complete asana practice that’s two parts active, one part passive.


Breathing for two. Whether adapting your existing practice or coming to yoga for the first time in pregnancy, this class will help you feel stronger and more comfortable by addressing the unique and ever-changing needs of the pregnant body, preparing you mentally and physically for the work of childbirth and parenting, and creating a welcoming and safe space for you and your community of mamas-to-be. This specialized practice will allow for fluid movement within a safe and adaptable sequence and will include breathwork and restorative poses for support and relief, an exploration of how yoga philosophy can support the mind-body journey into motherhood, and an opportunity to connect with your own maternal intuition.
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