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Class Schedule

This is a general schedule only. For current updates, check the Shala's schedule.


10:30am open w/Jana
2:00pm open hour w/Shevy
6:15pm open w/Shevy


10:30am open w/Frank
2:00pm open hour w/Peyton
4:45pm open w/Joe
6:15pm open w/Peyton


10:30am open w/Brian
12:15pm basics w/Frank
2:00pm open hour w/James
4:45pm open/restorative w/Joe
6:15pm open w/Edward


10:30am open w/Edward
2:00pm open w/Eric
4:45pm open/restorative w/Britney
6:15pm open w/Frank


10:30am open w/Brian
2:00pm open hour w/Frank
4:45pm open/restorative w/Peyton
6:15pm open hour w/Joe


10:00am open w/Frank
2:00pm open w/Shevy


10:30am open w/Edward
2:00pm open w/Edward
3:30pm meditation w/Edward

Class descriptions

All-levels, all-welcome, yoga experience recommended. Please consider basics if you'd like to focus on the fundamentals. (1 hr and 25 min)

Open Hour
Open-level yoga practice. (1 hr)

66% open level class, 33% restorative, 100% juicy goodness. For all levels. (1 hr and 25 min)

This is the foundation...where it all begins. Learn the fundamental principals that support safe, clear, and fluid motion. The basic level class will encourage new students to build strength, pay attention to breath in movement, and become familiar with basic level postures. These principals are an excellent reminder for the seasoned practitioner as well. (1 hr and 20 min)

Intermediate/advanced classes are for experienced practitioners who are familiar with sun salutations and inversions. They offer a challenging practice with an emphasis on safe alignment, applying the principles of clear alignment to more complex and challenging asanas, such as arm balances, binding poses, jumping, and inversions. An emphasis is placed not simply on how to approach these fun and satisfying poses, but also on how to work with resistance in the mind, and ultimately how to be content with where we are. (1 hr and 25 min)

Guided meditation with trained senior teachers. No meditation experience necessary. (1/2 hr)


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