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dear friends:

A couple of months ago, Now Yoga announced the opening of a new studio this coming Fall. Renovations are under way, and we’re working hard to build and furnish a new home—a place for moving and breathing, learning and getting to know ourselves and each other in a deeper way.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello personally and tell you a little about my vision for this next chapter in Now Yoga’s evolution.

I began teaching in 2011 after graduating from OM Yoga’s renowned teacher training program under the guidance of Cyndi Lee and Now’s own Edward Jones. Long before ever dreaming of becoming a teacher myself, I found my way to the mat the same way most of us have: by looking for a new way of moving and, ulti­ mately, a better way of being in my own skin. As a college student new to New York City in September of 2001, I discovered how lit­ tle I knew about the world changing around me and that, short of understanding it, I’d need a way of engaging with it.

Yoga created the conditions for connection. As I forged a new relationship with my body, I also found myself in relationship with an inspiring community of people who, together with the practice of yoga itself, would hold, challenge, and shape me over the decades to come. When OM ultimately closed in 2012, I was thrilled to be a part of Now Yoga in its effort to continue nurturing its teachers, students, and the practice we collectively share.

Over the course of these past six years with Now, it has become a personal dream of mine to build a home for Now Yoga designed specifically for what we do.

In our new studio, Now Yoga will reintroduce the structure, clarity, and nuance that is characteristic of our teaching: alignment­ based vinyasa rooted in buddhist philosophy and taught with authenticity, humility, and compassion. Our mission is to practice yoga in a way that opens us up to one another and to hold a space for practice that’s open to all.

On behalf of our teachers and students, I wish to thank the Shala and its owners, Kristin and Barbara, for giving us six years of support and opportunity, allowing us the time and circumstances to evolve into this new form and space.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you at Astor Place in September! ◆

renata di biase/studio owner