Gala Narezo

Gala Narezo is an artist, educator, activist and mindfulness instructor who is committed to mindful change-making through the arts. Her work addresses a range of subjects including immigration, youth advocacy, gentrification, plastic bag legislation and women’s rights, using storytelling, mindfulness, and participatory practice as guiding principles. Identity, voice and justice are recurring themes that run through her work. Over the past fifteen years she has collaborated with a variety of amazing partners on awareness campaigns, educational platforms, public art and transformational media. Her most recent endeavor, Aware & Awake, is a visual curriculum and educational platform to help engage K-12 students in becoming mindful leaders and change makers. She has a degree from Yale University and Art Center College of Design and is currently an M.A. Candidate in Art Education at City College of New York CUNY where her research is focused on ways to integrate mindfulness practices into arts education. She believes that meditation is a powerful form of self care and kindness which enables us to find our voice and take a stand.

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