Jerry Jenkins

Jerry’s training in martial arts began with practice in the Korean form of Hapkido. After a 30-year hiatus from Hapkido, required by professional and familial responsibilities, Jerry returned to practice when he finally retired, both from the US military and from his civilian career in Information Technology. Upon reentering training, Jerry experienced the physical stress that Hapkido placed on his aging body, and he set out in search of something less physically demanding. He discovered an alter ego of martial arts in tai chi, a system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. 

Jerry began a dedicated practice of the Yang style of tai chi, including four days of classes a week supplemented by training at home, in the park, and at the beach. After learning the complete set of the Yang style, Jerry’s curiosity led him to study the other four family styles of tai chi: Chen, Wu, Hao, and Sun. Although it is considered blasphemous by most practitioners of each style of tai chi to learn and practice another style, Jerry believes that learning to perform every style, along with studying texts such as The Tai Chi Classics and The Harvard Medical Guide to Tai Chi provides more insight into all that tai chi has to offer.

No matter how long he has been practicing tai chi, Jerry will always remain a student, eager to welcome new information about the art from any source.

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