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Edward Jones

Edward Jones felt the benefits of yoga immediately. His sister brought him to his first class in 2001 and he was hooked by a new way of relating to his body that was powerful, precise, and fun. The ongoing practice of getting to know himself brought Edward back to the mat day after day and eventually the notion of sharing this incredible system emerged. In 2005, Edward completed Om Yoga teacher training with Jennifer Brilliant and began teaching at Om the same month. An interest in dealing with anxiety and depression led him to study with Judith Laseter and become certified in restorative yoga. Edward realized that all of his favorite yoga teachers had a firm rooting in knowledge of the body, so in 2010, Edward took Leslie Kaminoff's year-long and rewarding yoga anatomy and anatomy & breath clinic. A deepening interest in Buddhist studies then led Edward to become a trained meditation teacher under the exceptional guidance of David Nichtern and Cyndi Lee. The privilege of being a teacher and teacher trainer at Om Yoga Center has been immensely satisfying. Edward is excited and grateful for the opportunity to embark on a new journey in the form of Now Yoga at the Shala.


Brian Liem

Brian Liem has meditated and practiced yoga with devotion, humor, and loving-kindness for over twenty years. He has been featured in many media including Yoga Journal's The Next Generation of Yoga Teachers. Brian is co-founder and co-director of Now Yoga and thanks his teachers past, present and future. Before Now Yoga, Brian spent thirteen years at Om Yoga Center as a senior teacher, teacher training faculty member, assistant to the director and director of programming. He has cultivated over 500 RYT-equivalent hours, has taught numerous workshops, conferences, retreats, and teacher trainings in the US and around the world. "it's always a new joy to take my seat as a yoga teacher, where I can breathe life into and share teachings that might inspire and empower discovery of what brings you joy, and teach you to light up and deepen your worlds."


Frank Mauro

Frank Mauro has been teaching yoga since 1996. He was on the teacher training staff at Om Yoga Center from 2004 until its closing in 2012. While on the teacher training staff, he specialized in teaching basics and was in charge of the “how to teach basics” portion of the trainings. Frank's sense of humor, ability to simplify complicated concepts and  attention to clarity have have been a staple in his beginner classes since 2001. He currently co-directs Now Yoga at the Shala.


Joe Miller

A yoga practitioner since the 1980s, Joe Miller completed teacher training at Om Yoga in 2000 and taught there for 12 years, 10 years as a teacher trainer. He has a master's degree in applied physiology from Columbia University, and specializes in teaching anatomy and physiology for yoga. Joe has practiced with numerous teachers over the years, including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, and more recently Glenn Black. He has studied anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews, Tom Myers and Gil Hedley, and Sanskrit with Swami Prabuddhananda Saraswati. Joe is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and an authorized teacher of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. He writes about yoga, anatomy, physiology and health for popular publications and websites, as well as his own blog:


Peyton Biederman

Peyton Biederman

As a lifelong dancer with a MFA in Dance Choreography and Performance and a BA in Philosophy, French Literature and Dance, Peyton continuously gravitates toward the study of movement, both of mind and body. Wellversedin anatomy and kinesiology from her graduate studies and guided by philosophical curiosity, her appreciation for yoga is ever deepening as sheobserves the seamless manner by which yoga threads together our inner andouter journeys. Peyton completed her 500 hr Teaching Training at the Om Yoga Center, Prenatal certification under Bec Conant and Restorative certification under Cyndi Lee, founder of the Om Yoga Center. She teaches thoughtful organic sequences using subtle language to articulate precise alignment cues, juicy hands-on adjustments to guide and deepen each student’s individualpractice, and brings balance to her rigorous alignment-informed vinyasa class with pranayama and yogic philosophy. Peyton aims to bring each student to a place grounded in strength and spaciously-open in mind, body and breath both on and off the mat.


Renata Dibiase

Renata has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. She was first introduced to yoga in high school by choreographer Robin Lakes while studying ballet and modern dance at a summer arts intensive. Her interest peaked as an undergraduate student at NYU when she discovered Om Yoga Center, which offered a method of practice that helped her to feel more at home in—rather than at odds with—her own body. In 2011, Renata completed her 200-hour Teacher Training Certification under the guidance of Om Yoga founder Cyndi Lee and current Now Yoga director Edward Jones, along with Frank Mauro, Joe Miller, and Margi Young. In the tradition of her beloved mentors, Renata teaches vinyasa yoga—a method that places value on breath, alignment, and transition. She aims to cultivate each student's individual and nuanced practice, allowing for freedom of breath and creating space for patience, mindfulness, and compassion.

James Harper photo

James Harper

After turning forty, James began to wonder about a daily regiment beyond visits to the local gym. The powers of Google intervened, and he made his way to his first yoga class and hasn't looked back (or return to the gym) since. After the closing of OM yoga, he was pleased to follow his generous teachers across the street to the Shala, and eventually take part in Now: yoga's  first 200 hour yoga teacher training. He's constantly amazed at the translation of this ancient tradition of aligning mind, body and breath into modern life, and is excited to share it with his students.

Jana Hicks

Jana Hicks, a native of Texas, holds a BFA in dance from SMU and has performed, taught and choreographed for over 30 years in the US and abroad. She currently teaches contemporary dance at Peridance Capezio Center and is Co-Artistic Director of The Next Stage Project. Jana holds multiple yoga certifications, including through Now:Yoga (Edward Jones, Frank Mauro, and Joe Miller), Om Yoga (Cyndi Lee), and Y4C (Tari Prinster). Jana began her yoga training in the Vinyasa tradition at OM Yoga Center in 2003. With a busy dance life, yoga practice was sporadic, until a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. Y4C brought her back to Om, back to her mat, and there began a healing, dedicated practice that has been an integral part of her life alongside dance ever since. Jana teaches Yoga at Now:Yoga , Peridance, Studio Anya (AntiGravity yoga), and is a mentor and teacher for Y4C (Yoga for Cancer). Deepest gratitude to all of her teachers who have guided and supported her along this path. For more information, please visit: and/or


Shevy Katan

Shevy turned to teaching yoga as a way of paying forward the jewels of the practice that has brought a wealth of creativity and joy to her life. Her classes are about encouraging her students to be curious about themselves while they build strength and flexibility. Shevy is a native New Yorker and an actor who uses her skills as a performer to challenge students to be present throughout their practice.

Britney Kerr photo

Britney Kerr

Britney Kerr enjoys yoga because it is an ongoing practice of being present. After completing her studies for a BFA in Modern Dance at Marymount Manhattan College, she joined forces with Schoen Movement Company, Bare Dance Company, Carlos Cruz, and Denisa Musilova. She also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Now Yoga in May 2016 under Edward Jones, Frank Mauro, and Joe Miller.  Now yoga at the Shala is a community that provides a practice for those who enjoy a full bodied, thoughtful, and fun environment. She is grateful for the open space they provide to practice taking risks, breathing, and meditating with a room full of encouraging bodies.

Eric Lawrence

Eric Lawrence has been teaching various movement practices to groups and individuals for over 15 years. He completed his yoga teacher training at the former OM Yoga Center in New York City. Since then he has continued to maintain a fresh teaching practice through the advanced study of anatomy, kinesiology, and injury prevention.  Eric's teaching philosophy is that a strong body, with joints that have a satisfactory but not excessive degree of flexibility, is ideal.

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