Pranayama: an Exploration of Poise, Courage, and Stability

Online Workshop with Frank Mauro

Saturday June 27


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about the workshop

To say that humankind is experiencing a time like no other is an understatement. While the physical toll and loss as a result of global pandemic is unmentionable, we cannot ignore the psychological and emotional grip the unfolding and multilayered social crisis has on all of us. Whether you have been affected directly or indirectly, the virus alone has reached us all directly where we breathe, just as we’re needing our voices and strength more than ever.

The greatest opportunity to rebuild confidence is in working with the breath itself.

Pranayama, the art of distributing, focusing, and directing energy through our bodies is primarily achieved with the breath. By beginning a practice that starts with an intimate connection to this function, we can reclaim and further develop our physical, emotional, and mental vitality.

In this workshop we will explore just how breath works and practice techniques for seeing clearly into our own depth of confidence.

about the teacher

As a young boy growing up in NYC, Frank Mauro’s father introduced him to some of the basic principles of Hatha Yoga. In 1990, Frank began to practice regularly in Manhattan and embarked on a more in-depth exploration of asana and yoga philosophy. In 1998, he took his first teacher training in Canada at the Sivananda Yoga Center, and began attending additional workshops and retreats under the guidance of Richard Freeman, Rodney Yee, Judith Lasater and several other world-renowned teachers. After reading The Practice of Moving Into Stillness in 2000, Frank was inspired to attend a second teacher training with Erich Schiffmann. After studying for two years with Cyndi Lee and her staff of teachers, Frank decided to take the Om Yoga teacher training in 2001. He went on to teach at Om for 11 years and to lead teacher trainings there for 8 years.

In 2012, Frank co-founded Now Yoga where he continues to teach and lead teacher trainings annually. Most recently, Frank has expanded his repertoire to include biannual teacher trainings in Japan at various affiliate studios in Nagano, Osaka, and Tokyo.