now yoga prenatal program

Our prenatal yoga classes are taught by experienced teachers who are also mamas, and who are dedicated to serving you on your journey to birth and beyond. We aim to create a warm and nurturing environment where you can connect with your baby and your community. Yoga will help you feel good in your changing body, and can address some common pregnancy discomforts. We offer modifications for those who are dealing with specific pregnancy complications.

Our classes help to facilitate the optimal physical conditions for labor and to build stamina and strength for birth and the demands of mothering. We include some childbirth education as well as practical tools and coping strategies for labor. We want you to feel empowered, informed, and ready for labor while staying fully present with what is happening right now.

We understand that this whole experience is just as much mental and emotional as it is physical, so our classes include some yogic concepts which might help and some ways to work with your mind to create ease.

We hold space for you to connect to your inherent wisdom and to navigate your own very personal journey to motherhood. We are grounded in reality and have a healthy appreciation for both the everyday challenges and the profound beauty of this time in your life.

Prenatal yoga at Now is suitable for every trimester and all levels of yoga experience, including none at all. Expect to move intelligently, breathe fully and rest deeply.

meet our prenatal teachers

clare ryan
tuesdays 6:45pm–8:00pm

I’ve been teaching yoga to pregnant women and new mamas since 2007 but this work became even more meaningful to me after the birth of my son in 2010. Not surprisingly, given how much time I spent there, I went into labor at a yoga studio (Om Yoga!). Rather more surprisingly, it was six weeks before my due date. I can honestly say that my yoga practice got me through the initial shock of premature labor and helped me let go into what was happening rather than fight it. Yoga helped me ride out not just labor but early motherhood with some degree of calm and I aim to pay that forward. My teaching is based on a clear understanding of pre/postnatal physiology and birth, the joys and challenges of parenting and how the teachings of yoga can shine a light on the whole process. As well as my prenatal group classes and privates I’ve also developed and now teach a Yoga Alliance certified prenatal yoga teacher training to help other teachers serve other yoga mamas.

“I have taken Clare’s prenatal classes during all three of my pregnancies. Clare’s classes are challenging for a seasoned yoga practitioner, but also easy to follow, welcoming and open, making any newcomer feel comfortable. Clare is super intelligent not only in the science of yoga, but also in anatomy and the human body, especially that of pre and postnatal mamas.” —Victoria

“Clare is a true professional, and carries with her an intuition that few people possess. I found myself confiding in her every time I saw her. She coached, educated, encouraged and empowered me in a way that makes her not just a great yoga instructor, but an amazing birth educator” —Patricia

clare aronow
thursdays 10:30am–11:45am

I came to teach prenatal yoga through my own experiences in class during my two pregnancies. In my first pregnancy, I took prenatal classes at OM. My teachers were amazing. I learned so much and left class feeling so much better than when I went in. During my second pregnancy I practiced with Mia Borgatta at Lila Wellness and began thinking that this practice was a gift I would like to be able to share with other women. When I started my 85-hour Prenatal Training at Prenatal Yoga Center (PYC) in 2016, I learned that not only is the studio owner a former Om student, but my original two prenatal yoga teachers received their training at PYC. Now that I am teaching prenatal classes at Now Yoga, a studio started by former Om teachers, I feel like my yoga journey has come full circle. I love being able to help women feel more comfortable in their changing bodies—physically, emotionally and spiritually. My hope is that my students leave class knowing their bodies better, feeling grounded yet more spacious, and feeling better prepared for the work of labor, delivery and parenthood.

“I used so many of the tools I learned with [Clare] to get through the hours, particularly mentally, and to stay positive. I’m so grateful for everything I got from [her] classes. I used the tools she gave me, and they that helped me to experience giving birth without trauma.”—Reka

“Even though I had a c-section delivery, I still used the breathing techniques from class in the OR and I also credit my speedy recovery to my regular yoga practice three times a week.”—Maggie

shahar lion
thursdays 6:45pm–8pm

While teaching yoga and prenatal/postnatal yoga privately and groups for over a decade in NYC, I was given feedback that my classes were a bit different from others; my clients said that my classes are “more than yoga” and that they “got way more then they expected.” The union of movement and therapy happened intuitively in my work, but as it became clear that I was providing something distinct from just yoga and I realized that I needed more advanced tools to support my work. For that reason, I got my Masters in clinical social work from New York University. I loved the clinical work and after graduating I completed a three years post graduate training in a Psychoanalytic Institute so I could have a more deep and powerful impact with clients. My own pregnancies reinforced and validated the way I worked with my clients for all the years before becoming a mother myself. Experiencing pregnancies, births, and motherhood actually confirmed why and how my method is successful for so many women and further impassioned my belief in the work and commitment to my clients. I enjoy educating women and sharing with them useful resources such as wonderful physical therapists, doulas, doctors, midwives and other professionals so my clients build their unique team pretty easily. My biggest joy is witnessing clients’ transformations and achievements. Whether through therapy, yoga, or both—the process of growth and successful outcomes from our work together is thrilling.

“As my second pregnancy journey comes to an end, I have to express my undying gratitude to my prenatal yoga instructor Shahar Lion! Truly this has been one of the best investments I could have ever made on myself and my baby. Shahar provided a path for mental, physical, and spiritual readiness. She has not only helped to prep my body, but has also given me a key into my mind and spirit, so that no matter where I am or whatever is thrown in my direction, I am safe. I am home.”—Yesenia

“Shahar is an amazing yoga instructor! She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and what is appropriate for your body given your pre/post natal/other specific context. This is not to say that she won’t push you beyond what you think you are capable of, because she does that as well! Shahar is also extremely empathetic and encourages you to use your own intuition when it comes to both physical and emotional aspects of the pregnancy and parenting journey, and its relationship to your yoga practice. I would recommend anyone to work with Shahar, as she is so attuned to her students individual needs.”—Sonia