Edward Jones

Edward Jones felt the benefits of yoga immediately. His sister brought him to his first class in 2001 and he was hooked by a new way of relating to his body that was powerful, precise, and fun. The ongoing practice of getting to know himself brought Edward back to the mat day after day and eventually the notion of sharing this incredible system emerged. In 2005, Edward completed Om Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer Brilliant and began teaching at Om the same month. An interest in dealing with anxiety and depression led him to study with Judith Laseter and become certified in restorative yoga. Edward realized that all of his favorite yoga teachers had a firm rooting in knowledge of the body, which inspired Edward to complete a year of anatomy studies with Leslie Kaminoff. A deepening interest in Buddhist studies then led Edward to become a trained meditation teacher under the exceptional guidance of David Nichtern and Cyndi Lee. The privilege of being a teacher and teacher trainer at Om Yoga Center was immensely satisfying. After Om Yoga Center closed in 2012, Edward joined fellow Om teacher training faculty Frank Mauro, Joe Miller, and Brian Liem in founding Now Yoga New York. Offering alignment-based vinyasa yoga out of The Shala Yoga House in New York’s Union Square, Now’s community continues to grow with workshops and trainings and daily classes. Edward is currently training as a modern psychoanalyst at the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. He is energized by the intersection of yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and psychology and seeks to draw from these three deep and potent sources for the benefit of his students and clients.

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