Erin Teufel

Erin discovered yoga soon after moving to New York for graduate studies. In a city that was fast moving and full of distractions, she found tremendous benefit in being part of a community that was interested in slowing down to pay attention to the body, breath, movement, and each other. The increased clarity, joy, physical well-being, and feeling of connectedness that resulted from yoga eventually led her to become a teacher so she could share yoga’s benefits with others. In her creatively sequenced vinyasa classes, she encourages students to cultivate awareness and approach the practice with curiosity, compassion, and a sense of humor. She likes to include challenges for students at all levels, because challenges are fun and sometimes frustrating, and that’s often when things get interesting. Erin is delighted to be teaching and practicing alongside the wonderful teachers and students at Now Yoga, many of whom she has known and been learning from for years. Her training background includes: Om Yoga 500 hour (2011-12), Restorative Yoga, Meditation Teacher Training, Prenatal Yoga, and y4c (Yoga for Cancer).

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