Max Fried

Max has been fascinated by the exploration of movement, problem solving, and flow since a very young age. He was fortunate to be introduced to yoga as a child by his parents, but it resonated on a deep level when he was reintroduced as an adult in 2012. Since then, Max has been examining the connection between breath and everything else, as well as the expansive power of the human mind. This quest has caused the essence of his activities to become intertwined. Things like yoga, dancing, and running have started to feel a lot like rock climbing and motorcycle racing. Max loves learning and teaching, whether it be with those who call themselves teachers or those who call themselves students. He believes everyone has something to teach everyone else, it just requires patience and listening to one another. Max is grateful to have found many great teachers in his life, and offers a special thanks to Edward, Frank, and Joe of Now Yoga. Max is excited to share an open-hearted and open-minded exploration with anyone and everyone, on and off the mat.

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