Walking the Path: Now Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training 2020/2021

Due to current circumstances around COVID-19, the first half of our upcoming 200-hour training will take place exclusively online, live via Zoom. Part two will begin in January 2021 and will take place over five full weekends in the studio.

Part One—Summer/Fall 2020 100 hours Online

Fridays 6–8pm est (3–5pm pst)
Saturdays 10am–2pm est (7am–11am pst)
Sundays 10am–2pm est (7am–11am pst)

10 weekends
July 31–August 2
August 14–16
August 28–30
September 11–13
September 25–27
October 9–11
October 23–25
November 6–8
November 20–22
December 4–6

Part Two—Winter/Spring 2021
100 hours in-person
(online optional for long-distance learning)
5 weekends
January–March 2021
Friday evenings; all-day Saturday and Sunday
Dates and times TBD

early bird, by June 15: $1500 part one / $3000 parts one and two
after June 15: $1650 part one / $3300 parts one and two

Upcoming informational events
Info sessions happen weekly through July and are FREE to attend.
To rsvp, simply register through our online schedule:
sundays 5pm
fridays 6pm

To apply, please first complete and submit the form provided below. Applications are due July 24th.

Payment of tuition, either in full or by first installment of a payment plan, is due by 7/31/20, and can be paid by check, Paypal, Zelle, or credit card. We offer scholarship to prospective trainees who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. If applicable, you may indicate your interest in the final field of the application form.


If you wish to enroll and submit your tuition payment by credit card through Mindbody, you may do so via the link below.


about the training

Teaching yoga requires many skills, including knowledge of the body and movement, engagement with the depth and subtlety of philosophy, teaching methodology, and an ability to connect with people in a open-hearted, authentic, and effective way—and that’s just the beginning. In fact, integrating all these skills together is an ever-evolving art form. At Now Yoga, we believe that the most effective teaching relies on the student’s own curiosity and investigation. While this training provides all the concrete and practical information you’ll need (including in-depth anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, meditation instruction, Sanskrit terminology, teaching techniques, etc), you’ll be encouraged to engage directly with your own experience of yoga to guide your education. Your own yoga practice will certainly deepen through this training (and taking the course for this reason alone can be wonderfully fulfilling), but teaching yoga requires specific skills that take time to develop. You’ll be given ample opportunity to find your voice and practice teaching, starting from the very first weekend. Over the course of the full 200-hour training, you will develop the skill, knowledge, and confidence to teach an engaging, deep, and safe vinyasa yoga class. More specifically, you can expect to:

  • Practice teaching in a supportive and encouraging environment;
  • Learn the fundamentals of anatomy and how they apply to teaching yoga;
  • Learn alignment principles and modifications for any asana;
  • Learn to intelligently and creatively sequence a class;
  • Develop the unique quality of your voice;
  • Explore how to transmit yoga dharma and philosophy in an authentic and accessible way;
  • Practice safe and effective hands-on adjustments;
  • Study pranayama techniques and how to teach them;
  • Learn meditation techniques and how to incorporate them into a yoga class;
  • Learn how to teach beginners;
  • Learn the basics of teaching prenatal yoga/modifying for pregnant students;
  • Become familiar with the business of yoga;
  • Take at least 25 asana classes at Now Yoga over the course of the training (included in tuition).

about the teachers

The teacher-training staff for 2020/2021 will include: Edward Jones, Frank Mauro, Joe Miller, Clare Ryan, Jana Hicks, and Renata DiBiase. Our teachers share well over 30 years of combined experience teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings and are uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of becoming a teacher. Now Yoga’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program is approved by the Yoga Alliance. When you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 (RYT-200).


alumni testimonials

“One of the best things I have ever done for myself was take the Now Yoga teacher training. It was life changing in many ways. Not only did I get incredible training from globally recognized thought leaders in the industry, but I became a part of their alumni community that has also served as an integral part of my growth and learning. Joe Miller, Edward Jones, and Frank Mauro’s integrated teaching approach to yoga training, mindful leadership, and anatomy was a transformational and enlightening YTT experience that I would do all over again. It has developed, supported and empowered my practice, life, and career in many ways.” —Joe DiGiovanni

“The 200-hour teacher training course with Now Yoga was a fun, engaging experience that helped me to better understand the philosophy and concepts within my practice, as well as the mechanics of the postures. Each instructor brings a high level of experience and knowledge while also creating an open and friendly culture that welcomes questions, discussion and offers balanced feedback. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach yoga or expand their knowledge base of their own practice.” —Stephanie Deputy

“I would enthusiastically recommend the Now Yoga teacher training to anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice or embarking on a teaching career. I started off unsure if I wanted to teach, but after completing the 200-hour course I felt encouraged and confident to pass on the gift of yoga to others and have been teaching ever since. I liked the one (intense!) weekend per month format because it meant minimal time away from my family plus I had a whole month to process and absorb the material. I was excited to go to every session and amazed at how much information we covered on the physical practice, the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga, and the nuts and bolts of teaching. My notebook is full and will serve me for many years. Together Edward, Frank and Joe brought abundant experience, sensitivity, humor and warmth to the training while creating a fun, non-judgmental space to explore and experiment. Edward, Frank and Joe have a profoundly serious dedication to the craft of teaching yoga and I am forever grateful for their time with us.” —Jessica Reed

“It was clear from the beginning of the training that Joe, Frank and Edward uphold a very strong philosophy on teaching. Every single one brought his own unique element to the training, whether that be a deep understanding of the anatomical structure of the body, how to incorporate meditation into your personal practice, or making the Buddhist teachings behind yoga accessible and understandable. Now Yoga teacher training has been very well received around the world, not only because of the professional standards the teachers uphold, but also because the training is so well-rounded. I went into this training not comprehending how one day I was going to be able to lead a class, but at the end of the training, I not only felt prepared and confident to teach, but I became a much more advanced practitioner. Because I went through Now Yoga’s teacher training, I know I have a strong foundation that I will be able to build upon in years to come.” —Alicia Muzzi